This weekend I opened my WordPress blog for the first time in months.  I haven’t posted since October and even then it was sporadic.  I was surprised to find so many visitors and those that have hung around to read a few posts.  I once told myself that even if only a few people read and are impacted, I should keep sharing.

I branded this blog for church life, but often I am interested in writing about other topics such as family/raising kids, pop culture, etc.  So why limit myself?  We as the Church are called to impact the world around us and that includes culture and family life and all aspects.

To help me write more often, topics might be inspired by a movie I just watched or a funny situation I just experienced with my toddler.

I also recently went through a very busy season in my life and wasn’t feeling very creative.  Thankfully things are getting a little calmer and I’d like to attempt some writing again.  So stay tuned…  In the meantime, here’s a picture of one of the reasons that’s kept me from writing.  It’s been amazing watching him grow up:




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