Fog machines, motorcycles, mosh pits, Desperate Housewives, free plasma TVs…my 5 most popular posts.

According to the site stats, these are the top 5 most popular posts on this blog.  The stats also show me if someone found the site from search results on Google or Bing.

#1  “My Church has fog machines!”

What’s funny about this is seeing the search terms used.  People are actually wanting to use fog machines in their services and are trying to find out how.  Maybe I have evangelized some folks about gimmicks and showy productions.  If I have saved but one soul…  lol.

#2 Trends: the flavor of the month

This one is about building your faith on Biblical and spiritual principles, not on fads and what is currently popular like The Prayer of Jabez craze or WWJD bracelets.

#3 Gimmicks – if you build it, they will come

The video of a youth pastor crashing a motorcycle into the snack table alone makes this post worth viewing.

#4 Sermons in 20 minutes or less

I’d love to see the stats from Saturdays on Google for all the pastors researching easy sermons they can steal to preach the next day.  This post pops up in search results for pastors looking for quick 20 minute sermons they can preach, so in this sense the post is “preaching to the choir.”  I need to get the word out to the preachers who like to ramble on for 45 minutes or more, repeating the same ideas and boring the congregation to tears.

#5 True Freedom in Worship

In this post I manage to insert references to “the frozen chosen,” mosh pits, and the song “Safety Dance” by Men without Hats.  That song is now in your head and will be stuck there the rest of this day, you’re welcome.



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