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Ah, Christian superlatives. 

Churches LOVE to hype up and over sell any and every aspect of their church.  At some churches, everything is marketed as being awesome, amazing, epic, off the charts, off the chain, off the hook, and other over the top phrases. 

Awesome face







A church will advertise itself as being unique, edgy or not like any other church you’ve been to.  Then you visit and find out it’s just like every other non-denominational “contemporary” church.

 My favorite is when a church advertises “if you only attend one service this year, you cannot miss this Sunday!” and then say the same thing repeatedly throughout the year about other Sundays.   What message could be so important to that degree that hasn’t already been heard?  THE greatest message a Christian church can preach has been the same for over 2,000 years and is the central tenet of our faith.  Having said that, hopefully every message is rooted in God’s Word and you can simply advertise that the message will be impactful, encouraging, inspiring, thought-provoking, challenging or other descriptors. 

Churches will advertise just about anything as being awesome or amazing, from a Sunday School class to a basic potluck.  It’s natural to want to promote events and attract people to attend but the more you use superlatives, the less effective they become. 

 Let’s try to dial it down and set realistic, yet still enthusiastic expectations.  And using a thesaurus wouldn’t hurt either.


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