God’s faithfulness – a personal story

I’m excited to share some great personal news and to celebrate a testament to God’s faithfulness.  In the span of a couple weeks God has added to my life a newborn baby and a new job promotion.  It’s almost surreal but I feel very blessed.  Here’s the story of that journey and how God has had his hand on my life the whole way.

The brief backstory is that my wife and I went through a long period of struggling from layoffs during the recession, unemployment, past due bills and debt collectors to medical problems and surgeries that resulted in a mountain of medical bills.  We struggled to find employment and took various odd jobs and temporary assignments until we were able to get permanent work and start building our lives back up again.  It was an uphill climb that was slow but steady over a few years.  Where I was previously a manager of an HR office, all I could get was a temp filing clerk and worked my way back up by getting hired full-time and then transferring when a new job opened up.

Earlier this year we decided to start a family.  We trusted that God would provide but we knew that my wife would need to take time off from work and didn’t know how we would afford to lose her income for a while.  My prayer was that before my wife had to stop working I would have a new job with a raise.  I knew I was underpaid at my job and would need to be promoted or find something new.

In the summer of 2012 we had a lot of life change.  Our lease was up and we moved to a new house.  At work, I took on the Lead Project Manager for implementing a new HR software with which I had prior experience.  In addition to that plus my regular job, someone left the company and I took on some of her work.  I was essentially doing two and a half jobs and working a lot of overtime, while trying to unpack in a new house and prepare for a baby on the way.

We kept praying that God would provide and we put our trust in Him.  God said to us “Move forward.  Step into what I have for you.”  We saw him come through with provisions for our house and donations and gifts for our baby from family, friends and co-workers.  Still, I knew the day would come that my wife would have to stop working and we’d need to replace her income.

At work, some of my bosses began hinting that the project I was leading might expand and become a full-time job.  It seemed that God was up to something, but they said “if” it happened it might not be until later in 2013 based on budget approval.  Toward the end of September (baby due Oct 12th) my would-be new boss was in  town for a visit on some other business and scheduled a meeting with me.  I figured he wanted to discuss how the project was going and discuss the possibility of the new job next year.

Instead, after some small talk he said “I’m going to cut to the chase.  We’ve got position approval for the System Administrator job and we want to offer it to you.”  Just like that.  No application, no interview, no struggle.


We had struggled so long and it was nice to finally have something come to us a little easier.  I was not aware but he and a few other leaders had been talking about this new job for a couple months.  He said every co-worker and manager agreed I was the best person for the job.  He asked about my baby’s due date, how much time I’d be taking off and when I’d be back.  I said I’d be back around the end of October.  He said “great, we’ll start November 1st then.”  I was shocked.  I thought for sure that at best this would be a discussion about what might happen sometime in 2013.  He said he would research salaries in this market and make a fair offer before I left for child bonding leave.  Now remember, my prayer and hope was that before my wife stopped working that God would provide me with a promotion and increase.  My wife’s last day of work was Friday Oct. 5th.

On  Thursday Oct. 4th I was handed an official offer letter.  I did a double take as the salary was more than I expected – it not only covered my wife’s income but more – and the start date was October 1st.  They decided to move it up one month.  There was only one reason to do that:  for my benefit.  Both to get the increase earlier but also because any raises after November 1st disqualify employees from the annual raises in April.  My new boss did this to bless me and told me to take care of my little boy.  He also told me to have a life-work balance – “not the other way around, always make sure life comes first.”  What a blessing!

After struggling through unemployment, debt collectors, trips to the ER, medical bills and other challenges God had come through.  I feel very blessed and it further strengthens my faith that God is in control, His hand guides our lives and that He knows what He’s doing.  I have been thanking and praising Him every day.  Life is tough sometimes, and we know that we will have troubles.  We need to look back on the positives and remember how God brought us through so it can fuel our faith and encourage others.

Here’s a picture of my newborn son, Micah.  I also like to acknowledge and promote talented artists and this photo was taken by a friend Anna Roberson of Anna Roberson Designs.  (Another one of Micah’s photos is currently on her main website page also).  We love him to death and he’s such a blessing.  God is so good!


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