Summer Story Series: “I want to be saved!”

I once had a co-worker rush up to me as soon as I walked in the door, get in my face and say “I want to be saved!  Tell me how, I don’t want to go to hell!” 


I was working at a golf course inPennsylvania for the summer and one day got talking with a girl in the pro shop on a slow day when there weren’t many golfers and no one else was working.  I honestly don’t remember her name but I’ll call her Brenda.  We were just making small talk when she brought up some recent pain and suffering she had gone through, between a death in the family and some tragedy her family members suffered.  She shared that she consulted a psychic and tarot card reader and that she was very spiritual.  I shared some thoughts with her about my faith in God and how we can deal with suffering.  She was open and wanted to hear more. 

 Earlier that day, I had sent out a golfer who after chatting with him found out he was a pastor.  So when he was done with his rounds, he walked into the pro shop at just the right time.  I introduced him to Brenda and the two of us shared our faith in Christ.  No one else entered the pro shop; God put this together perfectly.  I wanted to be sure neither of us were forcing anything on Brenda.  She was open to hearing about Jesus and wanted to hear more.  The pastor’s words cut to her heart and she began to cry.  We prayed with her right then and there to be saved and become a follower of Jesus.  The pastor had to go, but I continued talking with her about getting connected to a church, getting a Bible, etc.  I had to get back to work and we left it at that for the day.

 The next day when I walked into the pro shop, Brenda was there again and before we could even finish saying hello, her friend and co-worker Jaime came from the storage room and rushed up to me.  “I want to be saved!  Tell me how, I don’t want to go to hell!”  She was dead serious.  After her first encounter with Jesus, Brenda had immediately started telling people.  Jaime heard and also wanted to be saved.  I talked to her about the basics of the gospel and prayed with her to accept Christ. 

 I spent the last few weeks there talking with them about God and trying to disciple them.  They started going to a church Brenda had attended as a child.  I still think about them sometimes, how incredible it was to see someone storm through the door, desperate to hear about Jesus.


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