Summer Story Series: Naked Biker Prophet

Some topics on my blog can be a little heavy, a little preachy or just serious.  But it’s summer – the season of blockbuster movies, vacations, outdoor festivals, snow cones, beaches, mellow acoustic pop songs and other laid back things.  So for this summer (or until I get bored or run out of ideas) I’m presenting a summer story series.  No preachy lectures, no heavy material to make us think and examine ourselves.  I’m just gonna share some stories of things I’ve experienced or heard about in my journey as a Christian, or post articles and links to blogs sharing some great stories.  Like your summer reading list or the offerings at the box office, we’ll have variety:  comedy, romance, horror, drama, action, you name it.  So here we go…

Biker Prophet: Naked in the Desert.

At my home church in Pennsylvania, we went through a period with no pastor.  Our pastors had resigned (on good terms) and our board was searching for a new Senior Pastor.  Thankfully, we had a retired pastor in our congregation who helped out during the transition.  We had a visitor to our church for a couple Sundays who rode in on a motorcycle and had the stereotypical look:  dirty jeans, leather chaps, biker boots, tattoos, piercings, long stringy hair and a goatee.  One Sunday he grabbed the pastor during greeting time and said he had a word from God he wanted to share, a testimony.  The pastor made the mistake of letting him get on stage to share.

The man – I’ll call him Biker Prophet – began telling us he was a prophet and that God had a message for us.  Now, I can’t remember the message at all because his vision was so distracting—and disturbing.  All I can remember is the vision he told us about:  he was standing naked in the desert, next to a cactus, and staring at the moon when God spoke to him.  Besides “ew,” all I could think was “don’t get too close to that cactus!”  He rambled on about what God wanted him to tell everyone, but the pastor finally got back on stage and got him to finish.  After a few weeks of cornering people to tell them strange and false prophecies God wanted him to share, he was politely told he was a disturbance and would have to leave.

Have you ever had a crazy or weird experience in church?  Please share!


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