Props: The Steadfast Pastor

There are a lot of great things about being a part of a church community.  As we look in the mirror, we should strive to see more encouragement and praise toward each other, to “spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”  (Hebrews 10:24).  So I’m beginning a series of posts under the catagory “Props: Positives and Praise.”  You can click on the “Props” catagory on the right to see all posts in this series.

We’ve talked about the Celebrity Pastors, and the type that have dollar signs in their eyes and visions of mega churches dancing in their heads.  But I want to praise the pastor who is faithful and steadfast, humble and dedicated regardless of the size of the church’s building, attendance or budget.

We’ve witnessed pastors that exhibit strong leadership and preach sermons that have had great impact.  They spend hours each week in study and prayer, to hear from the Holy Spirit what they should preach, and to make sure they are being true to the text.  Those that spend time with people mentoring them and developing their leadership potential.  The Steadfast Pastor is there for counseling, listening, and offering prayer and advice.  He or she will cast vision, lead meetings and be looked upon to exhibit leadership principles, business savvy and balance a budget.  Today’s pastor is required to be a master of all trades:  Pastor, Shepherd, CEO, Teacher, Manager, Counselor, Evangelist, and more.

Many of them doing all this while working a second job either full or part-time to pay the bills, and balancing their own family life.  (Pastors reading this are thinking, “Wait, I can have my own life outside the church?”  LOL)

This Sunday, why don’t you take a moment to thank your pastor with a handshake and a kind word?  Send an email or Facebook post to someone on the staff to let them know you appreciate them.  Or go the old fashioned route and send a card in the mail.  It will make your pastor’s day.


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2 responses to “Props: The Steadfast Pastor

  • Jared Lanza

    I have been blessed to serve along side a wonderful Pastor. His name is Jack Thomas. He leads our church with both authority and humility. He has vision and a plan, but is also sensitive to the what God wants to do, and he never puts plans above the people he is trying to reach. It is an honor to serve alongside him.

  • Sandy Lanza

    Great post Scott. We have been in the ministry for 35 years and are currently pastoring a small church (attendance wise)and both my husband and I work full time outside of the church. We have learned that we still have to be available to people even if we are tired from working all day because they deserve it and we love them. We have also learned that God is so faithful and He asks us to be faithful no matter what the numbers are because there is more to growth than just numbers. Thank you for your encouraging words!

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