I’m done playing church

I’m done.

Not with church, not with God, not with community or my spiritual life.

I’m done with playing the church game.

I can no longer be fake and I can’t handle anything that is not truly authentic.  I am no longer going to try to make myself look good to a pastor or leader in the hopes of being “promoted” to a volunteer or paid ministry position.  I’m not interested in comparing my church to another and claiming it’s better because of a program, production value, the personality of the pastor, or any other superficial factor.  I’m sick of seeing a Christian roll their eyes when someone says the name of a church or denomination they belong to, as if their own is superior.  Why can’t we be excited to meet a fellow believer?

I’m done with the phony people at church that pretend to be your best friend and throw around statements like “I love you” and “we should totally get together sometime” but don’t mean a word of it.  I’m over gossip, talking behind each other’s backs, tearing people down with judgment and criticism instead of lifting each other up.

I’m done caring what the religious Pharisees of today have to say.  I’m tired of churches focusing more on programs and producing an exciting Sunday experience and less on developing loving and friendly community.

I am saddened that Christians don’t seem to want to pray together or have spiritual fellowship anymore.  I’m bothered by my own lacking spiritual life, that I am so easily distracted and I don’t make time for prayer and reading the Bible.

I’m tired of thinking ancient rituals or traditions are bad because they are old or “churchy.”  Our spiritual lives could use some discipline, ritual, fasting, meditation and reflecting.  We could benefit from some old fashioned liturgy to guide us, and still have modern influences and technology at the same time.  We can have balance, instead of avoiding something because it’s not part of the tradition of our denomination or upbringing.

I’m worn out trying to convince someone at a church that I have talent and passion to offer, but not get opportunities to serve God and the Church.  I’m done looking up to leaders that seem only interested in promoting themselves or rubbing elbows with famous and successful pastors or ministries.  I’m done with sitting under bad leadership that uses a title as an excuse for bad behavior.

So I’m done with simply playing church, and getting sucked into the silly games we Christians play.  And believe me, I’ve been guilty of plenty of them myself.  We need to take ourselves out of that game and put ourselves into authentic and genuine community.  We need to be encouraging toward each other, mentoring, accountable and convicting (in love and grace, not judgment).  We need to look in the mirror at the game we’ve been playing and be honest with ourselves.  It’s time to stop playing the game of church… and get back to simply being the Church.


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