There is something wrong with the Church

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There is something wrong with the Christian Church.

It’s you.

And it’s me.

The church is made up of people, and wherever you find people, you will find flaws.  Yet God, in His love and grace, still calls us to be His Church.  He could reach the world a whole lot easier by Himself, but He calls us to join Him.  He forgives our flaws, our mistakes, our often feeble attempts and our misconceptions about His will.  The Church was His idea, and He wants us to work together to build a community and reach the world with the Good News.  But how do we do that when the Church is so flawed and broken?

Just as broken glass is reshaped and made into stained glass, God can take our brokenness and form it into something beautiful.  I know there a gazillion Christian blogs, books and magazines that address Church and Christian culture, and anyone can start a blog about what’s wrong with the Church today.  My hope is that through my posts and your responses we can examine the Church and encourage each other in the good things, convict ourselves of the things where we need to grow, and motivate our community to think about how we can look in the mirror and let change begin there.

We all need to take ownership of our role in the Church, and representing Christ.  Knowing that we will never be perfect, but if we work together, encourage one another and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, we can draw closer to the life that God intended for the Church.  We need to look in the mirror—churches, pastors, leaders, volunteers, individual believers.  It begins with me, and it begins with you…


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One response to “There is something wrong with the Church

  • ournote2self

    We definitely need to look in the mirror. I think too many people are focused on the sin of others, instead of focusing on what God wants us (me)to do. Who are we to judge? Yes, we need to keep our friends accountable, but we can’t lose our own relationship with Him in the process. Seeking God should always be #1 and then everything else will fall into place. God never gives us any more than he knows we can handle. :)

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